Does Starbucks know if I wet the bed?

The crazy things data brokers share with everyday retailers.

“All Epsilon data is based on verified individuals and includes name and vital data on virtually every U.S. consumer…[we have] coverage of every marketable U.S. household.”

Data brokers know nearly everything about you


Bowel Irregularity

Trouble Sleeping Due to Breathing

Diet Concerns

Uses Adult Diapers or Liners

Cold Sores

Depression Medications

Coffee Brand Preference

NRA Members

Net Worth

Current Cash Savings

Treats Pets Like Family

Specific Vehicle (e.g. Toyota Corolla)

Online Dating Paid User

Number of Returns Last Year

Opens Text Messages from Retailers

Why does Starbucks need to know if I wet the bed?

How do data brokers like Epsilon know so much?

“there is a trend in the ISP industry to combine the subscriber data with additional information from third-party data brokers, resulting in extremely granular insights and inferences into not just ISP subscribers but also their families and households.”

“in particular, browsing data, television viewing history, contents of email and search, data from connected devices, location information, and race and ethnicity data. More concerning, this data could be used in a way that’s harmful to consumers, including by property managers, bail bondsmen, bounty hunters, or those who would use it for discriminatory purposes.” 2021 FTC Staff Report

This seems really bad. What can I do?



Protecting Those Who Matter:

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