Introducing Atlas: Privacy Protection for Those Who Matter

We’re a team of technology veterans from cybersecurity, antivirus, and consumer products who’ve come together to make the internet more private. Our mission is to give people control of who has access to their information online.

Our primary focus is protecting important members of our communities. We work with public figures, law enforcement, and corporations to keep their personal information private.

As part of our mission, we extend our services to the general public. We pride ourselves on being the most comprehensive information and privacy protection service available on the open market.

Why did we create Atlas?

Our founding team has decades of collective experience working at companies who collect your data for profit. We’ve seen “behind the curtain” of data that’s harvested, and we didn’t like what we saw. From listening to your conversations, to selling your search history, much of the internet industry is based on exploiting people’s private information.

Privacy advocates have long espoused that people should disconnect themselves from the internet in order to maintain anonymity. As time goes on, we’ve seen this strategy become less and less practical.

We thought: rather than avoiding creating a digital footprint all together, what if we allowed people to clean up their digital tracks behind them?

In 2021, we launched our first privacy protection service. We took aim at data brokers, as they’re arguably the worst privacy offenders on the web. Our goal is to expand well beyond data brokers and allow people to interact with internet products without fear of their personal information being sold or exploited.

What information is out there?

There are hundreds of data broker websites, often called people search sites. Their sole purpose is to sell your information to the public. If you’ve ever Googled yourself you might have seen websites like Spokeo, WhitePages, CheckPeople, or others. By some estimates, the larger umbrella of the data broker industry is worth over $200 billion and growing fast.

Data brokers combine public records with private data sources to expose things like your home address, automobiles, court history, email, phone number, birthdate, interests, family members’ names, job history, mortgage, net worth, and more. Our analysis in 2021 found that this data can be accurate in up to 81% of cases.

Having something like your home address publicly accessible makes little difference to most average citizens. However for certain families, having their information out in the public could jeopardize their physical and financial security. That’s where we come in.

How does Atlas work?

We believe you should know where your data is being sold, for free. After signing up, Atlas scans over 100 data broker websites, dozens of social media sites, and billions of dark web entries to find your data.

Atlas shows exactly where your information is found. Your dashboard will have the website sources and screenshots (where possible), of where your information is being exposed.

After evaluating your personal threat profile, you can choose from various protection plans to remove your private information from appearing on data broker websites. Our automated service means we take care of the entire removal process.

Complete removal of your information typically takes between 7 and 30 days to finish. All of our paid protection plans include continuous daily monitoring to ensure your information doesn’t repopulate or appear on new websites.

How is Atlas different than competitors?

Atlas is designed specifically for those in high-risk professions such as elected officials, members of law enforcement, and public figures. Our scanning and removal coverage is more in-depth than consumer-grade competitors — and many times more accurate.

Moreover, Altas is the only service to combine social media and dark web data with data brokers to give you a full view of your exposure. Your dashboard will display if we find any breached passwords, leaked addresses, and social media accounts. In other words, you’ll see the most scan results and removals from Atlas.

The nature of our business also means we adhere to much stricter privacy and security procedures than others who may operate overseas. Many other companies offering data broker removal, such as OneRep or IDStrong, actually collude with data brokers to provide people searcher services. We’re not associated with data brokers and will never sell any data.

Lastly, Atlas is the only service to offer continuous daily monitoring. You can review your privacy status at any time via your privacy dashboard. We scan for your information every day, unlike other services that scan once every few months. Our goal is to ensure that you stay private.

Is Atlas available to everyone?

Atlas is currently available to all U.S. residents. Simply go to start your free account. Additional protections and features are available for members of certain groups (e.g. elected officials, law enforcement, and public figures) through our Enhanced Protection Program. Please reach out to for more information about these services.



Protecting Those Who Matter:

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